Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am getting pretty excited about HTML 5

If you haven't figured out from my other blogs yet I have not researched HTML 5 yet and what HTML 5 can do. Web videos have become very popular since youtube deputed. The problem is that some movies could require a flash player, in which the iPhone can use. Some computers could not have the flash player plug in installed which would prevent the person from seeing the video. HTML 5 integrates movies directly into the HTML 5 coding. No plugins are necessary. Putting movies on the web is nothing new but you can do direct manipulations to the movie with the HTML 5 code. With just the HTML 5 code, no javascript, you can enlarge the playing movie and have it playing in the background while the actual video is playing. You can also go through every pixel in a movie that is playing and have the the movie images duplicated in black and white. The black and white 'movie' is not actually a movie.  It is a duplication of the images of the movie not the actual movie but it plays along with the movie.

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