Thursday, December 9, 2010

Customizing a room

My iPhone app idea is being able to take a picture of a paint swatch and take a picture of your room. Then be able to see the paint color actually on your wall with your lighting. After coming up with this idea I remembered that Congoleum has a part of their website which allows the user to pick a sample room and change the cabinet colors, the counter top color, the wall colors, and the flooring. This is very well done but you cannot upload your own room for free. You can upload the picture of your house and change just the floor for $39.95 and be able to customize your whole room for $99.95. This site is not done in flash at all. The whole site is done purely using javascript. This site is kind of slow loading between the different selections but it is an interesting site.

Go to this site then click on Room Vision then select a room.

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