Friday, November 19, 2010

Simplifying complicated search menus

As I was researching tutorial websites, I noticed that many of their websites are hard to navigate. It is extremely hard to try to search for certain tutorials on those sites. The tutorial websites either give you a list of all the tutorials they have or sometimes they might break the tutorials into categories. Even when they are broken down into categories, it can be difficult to navigate because of the shear amount of tutorials. It can also be hard to find exactly what you are trying to search for into words that would bring about the right tutorial.

I found wefeelfine which has a unique and intuitive search menu. You can look through a list of words that you want to search and then narrow your search even more by selecting ages and or genders. I think that this could be a good concept to have for a search on a tutorial website. It would give list of words that describes what the user is looking for and then allows them to narrow down the search easier than most websites.

The wefeelfine website searches for blogs on the web with certain key words and you can search for how many people are feeling a certain way.

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