Monday, November 29, 2010

Shuffling faces

Being interested in interactivity and interactive sites, I decided to search for some easy, intuitive interactive sites. I came upon this flash site that allows the viewer to morph peoples faces. It has a simple interface of just clicking the eyes, nose, mouth or the head or shoulders to change the image of the corresponding body part. Since there are multiple pictures of body parts that could be selected for the face, it seems like they wouldn't be able to make the different body parts visually fit with all the different faces and body parts without looking poorly done. This is the total opposite. The different shaped and sized eyes, mouths, and noses, although they look funny, fits well together. The mixing of the body parts doesn't look like a bad photoshop job or like frankenstein. There are 759,375 possible faces that could be made. Here are some examples of some faces that could be made.

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